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Welcome, guildmates and aspiring members!

We, the White Leaf, are a newly-founded PvE guild on the Henge of Denravi server. As fellow Tyrians, we have long been engrossed by the activities of our world; we seek to bring both grizzled veterans and fledgling explorers into our ranks to taste the bounty of the great land of Tyria.

Although our founding core remains focused on the PvE environment, we are a guild centered around fun. Beyond the expected dungeon runs, we intend to support both group WvW and PvP outings as well as yet-to-be explored guild activities.

With our guild site, we are striving to keep an open channel of communication on all fronts. We understand that not all members will be able to effectively be there for every idea, concern, or thought expressed at any point in the day. So we hope to make use of this site for both expressive and organizational purposes. We are always foremost a unified guild.

For those ready, may your name be etched unto Tyria's future along with our own.
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Pirou Lyne / Sep 09, 2012
So you want your story to be heralded down throughout the ages? Furthermore, I bet you want to be heralded down throughout the ages while amongst the ranks of equally amazing heroes.

Look no further then, my new friend! Our small, cozy companionship is looking to expand its membership. We are a laid-back group of players, but we do incorporate a few guidelines and suggestions for the best experience for both our present and future members:

  • Be active!
  • Give respect where it is due!
  • Show maturity and patience!
  • Have fun!

If you can comply by the simple tidbits above and believe you're ready to make a new home on the Henge of Denravi, we encourage you to apply!